The last Number is Number 9. This number is influenced by Planet Mars. 9 number people are often seen doing some brave and courageous tasks.
There is a special sort of intensity in your nature. You are very much capable of understanding and thinking but you stay in a constant state of fervor due to your Enthusiasm and Braveness, and it is not a trait of an intelligent person. You present yourself in a way that there is nothing left to do for you by society or for society. The society is not a war ground where you perform something out of fervor.


Mars is Tremendous Power, Fearsome, very Clever, Transient, Lover of War, represent Braveness, Mad for Surprises, these all traits apply to you as well.
You believe that life is not something that you receive in alms, It is something that is achieved you will not hesitate to do harm to anyone for your right. By any means you want your right and we all know that getting right is not an easy task.
In your subject you don’t tolerate any type of Criticism. You went face to face with your enemy. You become a dictator type person for that moment.

You don’t like anybody’s suggestion, You are yourself and whatever it is you yourself will handle it. It is literally very hard to defeat you that’s why everybody seems to be cutting corners with you and saving themselves.


You perform every task with full confidence and you also have to perform some seizure in order to get the fruit of your performed task. You have to forcefully Grab the fruit.

I cannot teach you anything, you are already well taught but I would like to point out that you are brave, courageous, war lover and you act with fervor. You achieve everything by force even sexual pleasures. And you also fail to see any evident true partner or true love in sight and this can make you feel sad/cry in your old age. Even then you should be congratulated that you are getting Power from the direct Source of Power that is Mars. Please utilize this power in good deeds.


Most Fruitful time for you is

From 21st March to 19th April
From 21st October to 20th November

You also have some unfavorable time in your basket. You can often find yourself in some sort of dilemma. Try to analyze every situation and also try to be more soft. Mars is the cause of quarrels/wars, you are more likely to behave like a dictator and you also have very sharp nature, by any means you prove yourself right and make others to realize it and they will accept it. You are very passionate by the way, sexually.



Number 8