Number 8 is influenced by its ruling planet Saturn who is the son of SUN as per Hindu Astrology. This planet is the farthest planet, even then it have its own special affect. Its pace is very slow and this similarity may often can be seen in Number 8 People. You are serious, patient, satisfied, kind hearted, energetic and diligent, you are filled with love for your guests, and you have attractive personality. Your specialty is that you don’t get disappointed you always and constantly works towards success, you never forget your goal.


You never hesitate, you have the capability to take control of any stranger. No matter who the person is. Other people might find it hard, difficult and they may think like thousand times before approaching someone, But You just simply approach and meet the person in a knick of time without hesitation or anything at all. You leave a very solid and everlasting impression of yourself on anyone you meet. Your Voice is hard and your pitch is high. Saturn is symbolized as materialistic Planet which will make you serious and you may suffer from some losses and also in society people see you as egoistic person. Your personality is very powerful you don’t do anything in vein. You only say something after thinking deep. If you do some work or perform some action it will definitely be a fruitful one. The amazing thing is that you don’t have free time even when you are performing the daily duties of your basic needs. You are in constant look-out for something new.


In Palmistry the fate Line is also known as Saturn Line. So I must congratulate you on being lucky. You will get time to time support from your luck.

You are a deep thinker person, It is really hard for anyone to know what is going on in your mind or what are you up to.

You are a solid ambitious person. You grow in your life. However sometimes you face some disappointments/losses but you don’t get worried about it, You immediately manage your step and move forward.

Sometimes you get huge success and sometimes you get huge failures even then you keep on trying.


Most of the time you found yourself doing a deep Introspection and analysis of your inner self. Because of this exercise you find yourself different from others which in result prevent you from meeting with people, howver in reality you are the Show Man.

You are a lazy person, your hairs and pore are dry, You are an angry person, You have desire to do something new in society. You are always ready for Charity.

You may have an image of an Egoistic person but in reality you are not, not even a single percent. You are very friendly. It is You who helped others to achieve them stability in their life and removed their problems and I don’t know what to make of it that the very same persons try to make your life unstable and filled with problems.


You have a very strong, high and pure desire to develop a brotherly atmosphere in world (world peace) and you do try for it on your level, BUT who pays attention to that? They don’t listen to you…

You are a scholar, you constantly try for growth and improvement in your self-realization. You have a very strong desire to read and understand, that may be the reason that you try to get your hands on the rare to rarest scriptures. Not only you read them you devote a very deep thought into it and then come out the nectar of your conclusion about it. You might have your very own collection of books or a library. You have talent of writing, editing, discussing and it will be disclosed on the right time.

Your nature is very simple and calm AND that is the reason you don’t get much elevation/progress in your growth.


Your biggest problem is that you can’t see anything in future and it bothers you. You have to trust that your future is very beautiful. This is the specialty of your planet Saturn.

The problems you can face are : trouble in financial situation, bankruptcy, unemployment, loss in business, relatives left your side, everyone is against you, you are bearing with pain and problems instead of joy and happiness, may have to leave your town, wearing torn and old clothes, going through poverty.

Nervous system related problems, losing the grip in body/trembling, involuntary actions in hands and feet, weakness, tiredness, lack of blood or anemia, pain in joints and diseases related to skin.



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