Number 7 comes under the influence of Neptune. In our society (Hindu) planet Neptune is worshipped as female goddess. (Symbol is water).

Since water is not affected by the shape of container or the path it flows on, similarly you will make adjustments in your life as required. You are an open minded person and very friendly when meeting others. Welcome is always reflected in your voice and face.


You have so many specialties inside you. You can spot the problem in a running and working machinery and it comes out to be a genuine problem but you are able to spot it while the machine is working. And I must add here that the same thinking that there should be something more in life will never make you stable. Always Dreaming, Always Working, Always Presenting just some qualities you possess.

It is really hard for you to stay on one place. If anyhow you end up sitting on place then you will be troublesome to others. You are most like to be a traveling person. Eat, Drink & Enjoy this is your philosophy or let’s say you live by these words it’s hard for you to follow religion since you are not a conservative type person.


Well, your one of the main quality is that you try to find life in a waste to wasteful thing. Your next quality is that you are very co-operative person to be more precise, sometimes you just reflect the mixture of humanity and divinity. It is very rare to see you angry.

You will get plenty of co-operation from your colleagues which fills you with confidence and you become brave. Normally, you are not stubborn. However, if you come to your stubbornness then you do make the opposing person realize their guilt or compelled or whatever you want them to feel/do.

You should be happy that you are under influence of Neptune, you will get many success and time to time you will also face some losses. It’s the nature of water it is very peaceful, provider of life and very calm and it also become tsunami and destroy everything.


You are very much vulnerable to skin diseases they can be as simple as pimples or itching and some sort of cough related problems, you can face some headaches, pain in heart, and probably some anal infection or some sort of Delusion or Misconception.

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