Number 5 comes under the influence of Planet Mercury. This is also known as Businessmen Class Planet.


Some of the qualities you have: Taciturn, Travel Lover, Kind, Intelligent, Clever, possesses Strong Will Power, peaceful mind, luxurious, Good in bed, devoted to mother & father, provider of the family, perform good deeds, Strong friendship bond, capable of doing almost all type of works, Gain wealth(Monetary) Accidentally, Comedy Lover, Religious, Poet, Musician, Dance Lover, knowledge of various sciences/traits, stable, donator and wealthy.

Mercury is a type of planet that adapts the behavior/qualities of someone he loves. In favorable position it makes you scholar, gives you a comedian nature and materialistic pleasures. If not in favorable position then it creates some worthless troubles. Mainly this planet is the giver of comforts. And can also makes you day dreamer.


You are hypnotic. People will be attracted towards you they will co-operate with you and get your work completed. People will always be eager to be friend with you and you also make many friends.

Your quality is “whatever it is leave it as it is.” And because of this quality you always smile. You greet everyone with smile and your introduction area is very huge.

You are fickle but unstable by nature, whenever you face some difficulty you give up but you don’t wilt. Due to “whatever it is leave it as it is.” You will keep smiling. Even then you are sensitive and helpless. You can easily adapt according to the situation that’s why nobody will ever notice the fire burning in your heart. You decision are based on feelings, you can some difficulties because of that.


One more natural trait you have is you are impossible to change, if you are by nature religious, clean, pure then no one can make you to do opposite to that. Similarly, if you are a bad manner person, no human being can make you an angel.

You don’t afraid to take risks that’s why you will do more than in business in one time same problem can be seen with your life, you keep more than one romance partner.


Favorable Time Periods:

21st August to 20th September

Some Health Problems you might face:

Disease related to anal, lower abdomen, skin disease, tongue related disease, Stammering, Lack of blood, weakness, weight loss, lack in sex power, weak memory, blood pressure, Asthama.

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