Number 4 is under the influence of its ruling planet Uranus/Harshal and that makes you the proud owner of life which changes dramatically.(most of the times)

You are sharp minded, eager to do things/achieve success, very daring and will not take any tension no matter how deep the trouble is. You just role :) Perhaps, this is the reason that somewhere in your head you fear of some un-predicted difficulties/accident that might happen to you. I hope by now you understand the reason of Contingent Changes in your life.


You will not only face Contingent Changes in your life but you also face some disturbance in your life. You are not going to entertain the middle position in your life. Either you will be on TOP or you will be in BOTTOM.

Most of the time you are in conflict state. You nature is very strange or we can say surprising because you always look on the other side of things OPPOSITE to be more precise. You will face troubles on your every step, even then you will not give up. You act peaceful and keep trying to work things out. I don’t think you have ever faced a Single Task without any trouble/difficulty.

You are very aggressive by nature. If you are not in the mood You will shower your wraith even on little things. Eagerness, Speediness is in your blood cells. You yourself don’t know what you are going to do in the very next second.


Your quality is that you have a heart that is deeper than ocean and all the secrets are buried in there. No matter what your field is you will be in constant search of something new. And my friend that is the same reason that Alexander is known as Alexander the Great.

You will have plenty of enemies in your lifetime and you will be in conflict with them. Due to the planet Uranus/Harshal nobody will insult you on your face. Whatever happen will happen behind your back.

“If the planet Uranus is not in good position then it can make you a Chatter-Box or Egoistic.”


The time periods mentioned below are traveling time of Sun similar to number 1. These time periods are predicted on the basis of working of this planet.

21st March to 19th April Sun Travels through Aries (Favorable Time)

21st June to 20th July Sun Travels through Cancer(Favorable Time)

21st July to 20th August Sun Travels through Leo(Favorable Time)

21st September to 20th October Sun Travels through Libra(Not so much Favorable Time)

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