Number 3 is influenced by its ruling planet Jupitar. This planet is also knows as Guru .Jupitar is the symbol of firmness of purpose, Courage, Power, Strength.

You are Strong, Hard Worker, Intelligent, Brave, Peaceful, Pure, Artist, Forecast Teller, Clear Speaker, Reputed, Well Known, Honest, Hermit, you have strong desire to grow and the path is right in front of you… Go Ahead!

You will achieve success in your life. You can also turned out to be a dictator due to your love for discipline and this is your drawback you will face some oppositions also but you will not distract.


You are blessed that you are under the influence of Jupitar. By Nature you are Philosopher, you have natural talent to understand the depth of any thing discussed. It will cause some baseless problems to you when you enforce your discipline upon others. You can also face loss in case of not accepting your mistake.

Your Biggest Weakness is “To convert Future Goals into Past Memories”. Try to avoid it.

Favorable Time for you is From 21st November to 20th December and 19th February to 20th March.



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