First Number of Numeric Astrology is 1 (One) which is under the influence of its ruling Planet Sun. People influenced by this number are by nature Luxurious and of Royal Life Style.

You are busy in yourself you don’t like anyone to comment on you in any way. You complete the work assigned to you with 100% success and since you don’t like people to comment on you, You preferably choose a job which don’t require to work under somebody rule. If somehow you end up working under somebody rule, you will get success very easily and will overcome the situation. You are very Brave, Curious and Hard Worker.


Due to Influence of Sun you do not accept your defeat. You have your own principle. You don’t like Stereotype. You constantly try and wants to do something new. Your friend circle is very large, you frequently come into contact with new friends. However the number of friends are either full with Fulsomeness or non-helping/supporting. Even then you don’t back down, you don’t give up, you constantly move toward your goal.

Due to your Strong mental Power you are capable of taking quick and correct decisions. You are a very Good Leader.

You are a Creator when you are Happy and Destroyer when you are not. People feel Inferior Complex. When you achieve success in your life.

Good Sense and capable of Identifying knowledgeable Resource are some qualities you possess.


Other people have hard time understanding you because what you appear is not exactly who you are, no matter how close you are to people, you will not share/discuss your Intention, Expectation with anyone.

You should be happy because you are under the influence of Sun which in result will provide you with everlasting Courage and Vitality. You are Optimistic and you are fond of Beauty. You are capable of maintaining your self-respect. You will stay happy but you yourself will not effect by it. And You possess Tons of Self-Confidence.

Sun has to stay in a good position in order to shower its blessings on you however some time it is not. If the sun is going through Zodiac Signs Aries, Leo and Cancer it will shower blessings, However if it is going through Libra it will give you some baseless difficulties and pointless troubles.


To Make it easy for you to remember:

21st March to 19th April Sun Travels through Aries (Favorable Time)

21st June to 20th July Sun Travels through Cancer (Favorable Time)

21st July to 20th August Sun Travels through Leo (Favorable Time)

21st September to 20th October Sun Travels through Libra (Not so much Favorable Time)


Venus and Saturn are Enemy of Sun. Hence the Period from October till December is not much favorable for you. You should be careful during this time, your clever plans can be unsuccessful during this time. Your family might also be disturbed during this time (Monetary, Mentally, Illness, Hospital Expenses etc.)

Main type of disease you might be suffer from are: Headaches, Pain in Chest, Weakness of Heart, Problem in Digestion.

Also, when sun is not in favorable position you may suffer from Mental Weakness, Tiredness, Weak Eyesight, Gastric Problems, Liver Problems, Stomach Related Problems, Pale Face, Old Fever, Feeling weakness even after taking treatment, Underweight, Cold, Skin Disease.






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